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Dress Code

Famous cities like London already have a well established tourism industry, and we at MCR Blackcab feel that there is no reason why we too should not provide a positive first impression to visitors of our great city.

Each visitor might be a tourist, a potential resident, a potential business investor, or someone simply shopping; all are important contributors to local economic health and growth of Manchester.

Everything and everyone in our city can have an impact on the visitor; the first impression they make can be positive, or it could be the last impression they make. Try to imagine a passenger’s experience through their point of view.

Whether going on a short trip or staying overnight, passengers are always pleasantly surprised to find a smart, well-dressed driver.

Our minimum dress code introduced last year outlawed the following:-

• Dirty clothing

• Ripped, snagged or holes in clothing

• Jeans or shorts

• Trainers

Words or graphics on any clothing that is offensive or suggestive

• Sports shirts, like football, rugby or cricket tops

• Baseball caps

• Track suits including exercise clothing

• Mules, flip-flops and other beach-type footwear

• Pronounced heels to shoes